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The Best of Fails – 1st Edition

Isn’t it frustrating when you try to do something good and you fail to communicate your message in the right way?

You can pledge to make a difference, shift your business and run a fancy PR campaign BUT(!) If you fail to embed that positive intention or purpose into the core of your business, well then, you’ll end up on our monthly newsletter:
“The Best of Fails”

Who’s first? Whoever advised Iceland to do this:

“Iceland removed own label from 17 products rather than palm oil”

Back in early 2018, Iceland made a promise to its customers and to the climate to remove palm oil from all of its own brand products by the end of the year. Richard Walker, Iceland Managing Director commented at the time:

“There will be an extra cost, but we think it’s the right thing to do.”

Read the original article here

So, what’s the fail?

Whilst they came very close to reaching their target, reformulating over 96% of their products, palm oil was still to be found in 17 of Iceland’s own brand products.

We applaud Iceland’s efforts and initiatives to remove palm oil and so should everyone else. The everyday ingredient is responsible for mass deforestation leading to greenhouse gas emissions and reduced biodiversity.

How they dealt with it was the biggest issue though. Rather than taking responsibility for missing their target, Iceland removed their brand logo from those products still containing palm oil and apologised for a ‘technical issue’.

This month’s fail falls squarely on the shoulders of the communications team who treated this as a PR stunt rather than embedding it as a core function of their business, as well as advising Iceland to remove the brand logo from the packaging.

Fixing the fail?

We’re proud of Iceland and we hope they get the final 17 products across the line because companies have to start somewhere and at least they have.

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