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Tribe Impact Capital

From money to meaning


Tribe had a unique positioning: promoting the positive social and environmental impact wealth can have, if invested well. But their strapline “A New Wealth Order”, needed to be brought to life – it needed a brand narrative to make sense of the brand proposition. Working for a discerning audience, our objective was to show how self interest and social interest can complement and enrich each other, and that it’s possible to make a positive impact and celebrate your wealth at the same time.



Project Type

Design - Print - Digital - Strategy


Our thinking

Through research, and a series of workshops and interviews, we identified that the brand needed to strike a balance between being financially successful and socially conscious, and between communicating personal wealth and public wellbeing. We built a story around Tribe’s strapline by going back to the etymology of ‘wealth’.

To activate this, we created a content bible outlining key messaging, mission and values as well as updated visual language and an associated narrative. And we evolved the look-and-feel of existing brand assets, to create a more powerful brand that came alive via a brochure and a fully responsive website.


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